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Belle Fleur and AWS are ideal for Data and Analytics with Amazon QuickSight ML Insights

Leverages AWS’s proven machine learning (ML) and natural language capabilities to help you gain deeper insights from your data. These powerful, out-of-the-box features make it easy for anyone to discover hidden trends and outliers, identify key business drivers, and perform powerful what-if analysis and forecasting with no technical expertise or ML experience needed.

Amazon QuickSight Solutions & Case Studies

Get ready for astounding results:

Increase in productivity * Faster time to market * Performance to handle millions of users


Gain visibility into the performance metrics of your IoT devices and sensors.


Deliver better care by streamlining allocation based on physician performance and services offered.


See how to resolve customer electricity generation and demand issues by forecasting based on historical data.
“By using all the tools AWS gives us, we can experiment very quickly and create innovative new features like our Monitoreo portal.” - Rodrigo Barcenas, CFO, Eikon Digital
“I cannot say enough about the Belle Fleur team and using AWS we were able to realize the next level of innovation, experience and ability to adopt new technologies while reducing our infrastructure costs by 80%.” - Danilo Aguilar, Systems Engineer, King Jesus Ministries

Pay only for what you use

QuickSight's pay-per-session pricing means you only pay when your users access the dashboards or reports. There are no upfront costs, no annual commitments, and no charges for inactive users. QuickSight allows you to connect everyone to the data they need.

Scale to all your users

With its serverless architecture, QuickSight scales automatically from tens of users to tens of thousands without any infrastructure management, capacity planning or scripting. All your users get consistently fast dashboards at any time of day, thanks to the cloud.

Embed analytics in apps

Enhance your applications with embedded QuickSight dashboards, speeding up time to market and saving on development costs. Empower users with interactive filtering and drill downs in QuickSight dashboards; iterate faster with easy updates via QuickSight UI or APIs.

Build end-to-end BI

QuickSight easily integrates with your cloud and on premises data sources including native integration to AWS services such as RedShift, S3, Athena, Aurora, RDS, IAM, CloudTrail, Cloud Directory – providing you with everything you need to build an end-to-end BI solution.

Become Data-Driven

Scalable real-time data systems and simplicity are not mutually exclusive

Customers ask Belle Fleur Technologies to implement Amazon QuickSight because it is one of the powerful, serverless Business Intelligence tools that is remarkably capable of handling several Big Data sources and diligently performing smart visualizations across the corporation. This BI tool optimizes productivity with several of its features like interactive GUI with shared visualizations and unmatched collaboration via sharing..