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Belle Fleur and AWS are ideal for Data and Analytics

Transforming data into a valuable corporate asset is a complex process that can require dozens of technologies, tools, and environments. Belle Fleur has helped customers get to insights faster at a lower cost. The flexibility and scalability of AWS allows APN Partners to build secure and easy to use data and analytics solutions into a source of value generation for customers. These secure and easy to use managed services, along with the help of Belle Fleur, enable customers deploy virtually any big data application on AWS.

Why choose Belle Fleur and AWS for Data and Analytics?

Belle Fleur leverages AWS services to deliver applications that provide virtually everything needed to quickly and easily build and manage data analytics solutions. These secure and easy to use managed services, along with the help of Belle Fleur enable customers to deploy virtually any big data application on AWS.

Reach insights faster

Analyze data using open formats and standards for higher flexibility at a lower cost with big data solutions powered by AWS.

Gain flexibility and scalability

Get resilience to single data center issues, and storage that can seamlessly replicates data between regions.

Secure your data

Leverage compliance and regulatory tools without the costs of maintaining facilities and hardware.

Virtually Limitless CAPACITY

YAWS breaks down siloes with secure data lakes for storage and analytics

Get Big Data Insights With A Modern Data Solution

Work with Belle Fleur, who has demonstrated success in helping customers evaluate and use the tools and best practices for collecting, storing, governing, and analyzing data, at any scale.

Become Data-Driven With Your DIGITAL X Transformation Partner

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