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Establishing a new mindset is also critical in the digital transformation process. Updating technologies is not enough. It’s about rethinking the approach, and how new technology can help it materialize. An agile development environment, cultural shift, and the right technology model can help governments further their modernization efforts. AWS helps guide organizations toward techniques and tools to create a forward-leaning digital enterprise. But cloud computing is only half of the answer—the other half comes from an organization’s commitment to making a change.

Building Incrementally Continuously Accelerates Value Delivery

The Continuous Delivery Pipeline represents the ability to deliver new functionality to users far more frequently than current processes are able to. For some software systems, ‘continuous’ means daily releases or even releasing multiple times per day. For others, continuous may mean weekly or monthly.

Delivery transformation focuses on the part of the organization responsible for delivering products and services to the customer. This means that our radius is extended beyond system, tools, and technology into people and practice. It makes the part of the organization that builds and delivers products and services more effective, with continuous delivery, data-driven decisions, and a culture of continuous improvement. In many cases, this is where the first signs of transformation emerge in an organization, as product and service delivery teams are often at the sharp edge of the pain organizations feel when technology, practice, and culture are poorly aligned. It can introduce thinking that significantly improves delivery of value of customers not only in terms of speed to market, but also quality in market and overall responsiveness to feedback.

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