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Cloud is the foundation for a more agile organization that can innovate faster

The cloud is the foundation for a more agile organization that can innovate faster. Migrating your on-premises or co-location workloads to the cloud is not a question of if, but when and how fast. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides you with scalable, cost-effective, and secure products and services designed to seamlessly scale your business.

Architecture that is Right for Your Business

Automate and accelerate the migration of large numbers of applications to the Cloud.

Architecture Advisory services design and assess platforms, technologies, and integrations needed to realize your data processing, data science, and analytical objectives

Architecture Advisory

Data architecture is a business-critical activity. Our extensive experience allows us to assess, recommend, and validate architectures that deliver both near-term value and a platform for continuing development.

We work closely with your business and technical teams to plan a platform for your data, interfaces, and applications, while expanding your capabilities to support new products, services, and key business objectives. Plus, we’re vendor-agnostic, meaning your needs are always the first consideration in any decision.

Why Architecture Advisory?

Getting data to the right place at the right time is crucial. You also need to get it there at the right cost, on a platform that’s reliable and adaptable to future requirements. Today’s technology offers unprecedented possibilities, but requires considered application: the purpose of Architecture Advisory is to identify the essential information needed to make an architecture decision that ensures an optimal technology investment for your business needs—present and future.

Clients of Architecture Advisory projects often have one or more of these needs:

  • You want to implement well-defined new capabilities, such as recommendation or real-time analytics
  • You’re looking for the bridge from your legacy systems to new big data capabilities
  • You find that your current data systems are preventing future growth
  • You need experienced guidance on the newest breed of databases and analytics technologies

Every company’s data needs are as unique as the company itself. By working closely with you, combining your key technical and business goals with our experience and understanding, we create architectures that are optimized for delivering results early and often.

Architecture Advisory In Depth

Because the data that fuels your business comes from everywhere—inside your company, the cloud, and via partner APIs—data architecture needs to be broad, policy-based, and flexible. Modern data solutions are dramatically different from traditional business applications that operated largely in self-contained silos. Deep, real-world experience across our teams allows you to accelerate timelines and reduce risks associated with deploying new technologies.

Our experts work in collaboration with your teams to discover and understand your current infrastructure, and to identify the data and tooling requirements of your growing technical capabilities. We also work with your leadership to understand the future ambitions that your data platform must support, and to ensure that the final architecture delivers quickly on your business goals.

From our experience designing, developing, and deploying complex systems, we’ve developed a proven platform design methodology and set of reference architectures that:

  • Successfully align technology blueprints with business needs
  • Support rapid, iterative experimentation to achieve your data science aspirations
  • Provide clarity on how to evolve beyond data silos to a shared platform
  • Establish repeatable technical patterns to generate business value from Machine Learning, Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL databases, and other technologies
  • Assess and recommend appropriate cloud service providers or other vendors
  • Reduce time to deployment and increase operational stability
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