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Portfolio Level Roles

The portfolio level roles provide the highest level of accountability and governance, including the coordination of multiple value streams. Assemble a full team, or fill a missing skill set/role on your team. Expert in their fields and industries, trained in the Scaled Agile methodology, and experienced in team building and organizational change.

Portfolio Advisory Implementation Roadmap

This is where strategy and investment funding are defined for value streams and their solutions. This level contains the principles, practices, and roles needed to initiate and govern a set of development Value Streams. Also provides Agile portfolio operations and Lean governance for the people and resources needed to deliver solutions. The portfolio level aligns enterprise strategy to portfolio execution by organizing the Lean-Agile Enterprise around the flow of value through one or more value streams. Delivering the basic budgeting and necessary governance mechanisms, it assures that investment in solutions will provide the Return on investment (ROI) the enterprise needs to meet its strategic objectives. In the large enterprise, there may be multiple SAFe portfolios.

Any Successful Change Requires A Translation Of Ambiguous Goals Into Concrete Behaviors.

All investment and architecture decisions for digital capabilities and technologies should directly serve business objectives. Our Advisory Services define those relationships and the corresponding outcomes across the spectrum of business, data, and technology infrastructure domains.

  • Aligns business and technology stakeholders around technology investment
  • Designs extensible views of the target architectures with justified technologies and tool recommendations
  • Plans actionable paths to new capabilities from current systems
  • Delivers a prioritized roadmap to achieve value early

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