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One of the most respected certified software architectural and custom software design firms in the world.  Founded by highly certified digital transformation architect, Jacques Dubuisson and Tia Dubuisson, an expert in SAFe and Agile methodologies.  At Belle Fleur our passion is transforming corporations of any size using our custom software design/applications.  Our firm gets involved in all stages of the software development process including offering feedback, targeted analysis and/or hands-on support, which lowers development costs and time-to-market for its clients.  Working with every type of technology, our firm  improves modern applications and creates revolutionary IT software that meet the needs of our clients' external customers.  Belle Fleur uses Agile techniques on all its projects since inception.  We continue to aim to drive higher agility and customer centricity in addition to reducing any organization complexities that may arise as we grow, thereby driving accountability.  Concentrating on delivering expertise in specific industries, offering clients deep understanding of their overall business and ways to apply customized IT solutions to fit the unique aspects of their industry and individual firm.   Belle Fleur uses a combination of collaboration, iterations in parallel, constant feedback and transparency techniques in order to dramatically increase software productivity.  As a result, our firm is able to successfully integrate business and IT needs across all product stages.  


Jacques Dubuisson
 Founder, Digital Architecture

 Tia Dubuisson 
Co-founder, Operations/Agile Architecture