Who needs us:  

Businesses that need help creating stand-out digital experiences that improve their ability to win, serve and retain customers.  Firms that have identified the need to employ innovative custom development for at least 30% of their systems and applications to engage customers in digital channels through web applications and mobile apps.  Firms who have identified a need for a 3rd party provider to help them develop highly customized systems and applications re-inventing their current systems to exceed the very detailed customer-focused strategy.  

Clients looking for 3rd party to outsource custom software development to support business strategies focused on improving their customer experience with the following applications:


Business-to-consumer mobile applications 

Digital marketing platforms 

Line-of-business-specific applications 

Digital content management Sales/CRM platforms 

Side-by-side enterprise selling 

Smart products that include embedded software 

Businesses are looking for strategic partners that can immediately provide necessary skills but also help to educate internal staff.

Clients that look to Belle Fleur Technologies choose us because of our proven development experience with modern web technologies, velocity,  interface design skills, and continuous delivery skills rooted in the knowledge/practice of Agile development practices to learn skills to improve on their future projects as part of an ongoing relationship. 

What problems do they have that they need us:

Packaged software in it’s base configuration doesn’t fit the needs of our clients.  When heavy customization of packaged software is necessary which can be more complex and costly than custom-built solutions. 

Our clients may have issues with a third-party provider that tied up internal resources requiring our clients to constantly monitor and respond to questions from the vendor development team, where much of the efficiency of using a third party is lost.  With Belle Fleur Technologies our clients are at ease that we are making correct decisions on their behalf without waiting for direction.

Clients that need help shifting towards becoming a company with cross-skilled teams, experienced in modern techniques like Agile development and continuous delivery so they are able to better adapt their processes and pivot based on project needs. 

Companies where custom software development being primarily driven by business objectives, and the custom software development decisions being primarily governed by IT, many companies will experience a disconnect with their overall strategy, as IT objectives might not clearly align with the business objectives.

Clients choose Belle Fleur Technologies because of our excellence in the following Agile methods:

Product release frequency (i.e., number of completed projects within a year) 

Level of autonomy — making correct decisions without waiting for direction

Development processes used (Agile development, outside-in design, continuous delivery, etc.)

Speed of development process/delivery velocity 

Final product/application delivered 

ROI of solutions 

Status reporting — transparency of project state and issues

Technical expertise of developers

Design sensibility of project team

Our clients ask themselves:  If we are buying our competitive edge (software) off the shelf, why can’t anyone else purchase the exact same capability?  Custom software creates competitive differentiation.    At Belle Fleur we ask critical key questions to help our clients implement Agile methodology to facilitate the proper changes to utilize the current staff to shift their infrastructure to a custom software cloud based solution that allows them to master the mix.


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